Friday 9 February 2024


...........why gardens are flowering earlier this year! Rain and strong winds have featured in parts of the country, but reasonable temperatures have persisted throughout much of this winter season to date. 

Photo from earlier this week, by now this gigantic tree will be surrounded by a carpet of purple.

It was a pleasant day so we packed a lunch and headed off to view the touring Gaia installation currently being held in Tewkesbury Abbey, a glorious 900 year old building founded by the Normans. 
In Greek mythology Gaia is the personification of the Earth.
The artwork on the sphere was created by Luke Jerram using the Visible Earth series from NASA in 1972. We are all aware that the earth is known as the Blue Planet, but as the sphere slowly turns it is astonishing to see how overwhelmingly large the seas and oceans are compared to the landmass. Clearly, it is imperative that urgent action on climate change must happen to prevent further melting of the ice caps and glaciers and the rise in sea level.