Saturday, 23 February 2019

Camera Woes

I have been wondering how long I should expect a camera to last? and whether, like our computers, there is an element of obsolescence built into them? 
For the past few months mine has been playing up. It has been acting like a mischievous child doing it's own thing, and certainly not what I want it to do! It seems that I shall simply have to bite the bullet and purchase another.

This almost end of February day was a perfect moment to walk along one of our many canal towpaths and take in some much needed February fresh air. According to the forecasters, our weather this week is coming up from the Caribbean!
 The Blackthorn blossom - Prunus spinosa is now fully open and busily decorating many of our hedgerows and byways. It is this blossom that produces the small deep blue damson like plums during the Autumn known as drupes or more commonly sloes.
Not much activity seen on the water, apart from much chasing and splashing about from the ducks - the drakes were busily pursuing any hen (female duck) that appeared in their view outnumbering them by at least three to one.
The canal boats were locked, shut up, and tied to their moorings following the winter months. Easter is late this year so they will probably begin sailing again before then.

It was lovely to walk in the sunshine and enjoy the surroundings which we had almost to ourselves. Birds were twittering and chirping in the hedge, and all was peaceful. There was just the occasional ringing sound of hammer meeting metal from across the water where the local boatyard were carrying out repairs.
Anemone blanda growing along the towpath.