Thursday, 28 November 2019

Festive preparations

Last Christmas was particularly relaxed and easy, and very much appreciated by me. All of the main tasks towards the day were undertaken by one of my DiL's, but this year the job has fallen to me. In order to try and reduce my never ending Christmas list, I decided that now would a good time to make a start 
The cake is made - it just requires a layer of marzipan, then icing, and decorating. The pudding is ready, and all of the cards and gifts have been bought. Because the grandchildren are no longer young we give them money in order to buy themselves whatever they prefer together with just a small gift. A few days of attention, and I now feel so much more in control than I did at this time last week.
My computer woes continue, it keeps crashing on a regular basis. I know that I need a new one as it is 10 years old, but I do require help from one of my sons when he can spare me some time to help with the transfer. 
I recall that years ago our printer was playing up, and a chap doing replacement windows for us at our home, suggested to me that I unplug it for a while, which I did, and it has worked ever since. My almost new washing machine suddenly stopped operating, and the telephone advice was to unplug the machine for at least half an hour, and curiously it too has worked perfectly ever since. I have now tried the same trick with this computer, all of the plug attachments were removed for an hour, and then reattached. Surprisingly, for the past three days the computer has not crashed again - I am now touching wood, and tightly crossing my fingers!!!