Friday, 23 July 2021


Don't worry, its only me, and luckily I don't have the Covid-19 pinging app. so you are perfectly safe here.

Has Bo Jo's so called Freedom Day fallen to earth like a lead balloon before it even got underway. We, along with many others (not including the young) appear to be carrying on in much the same way as we have done for the past 16 months i.e wearing our masks in shops etc, being cautious and taking care. Now dubbed "The English Experiment" around much of the world, many are now wondering just how it will pan out - wellwe aren't planning to be a part of it. 

We had intended to travel across the water into Wales this week, but we now find ourselves sitting in the centre of an amber heat weather warning, which is not at all conducive to travel. We have a cool shady spot in the garden and are generally taking things slow and easy.
In the garden the Regale Lilies look and smell divine. Lilies were the Pre-Raphaelite painters flower of choice, especially these Regale ones.
Yellow Tiger Lily Leichtlinii - we really do love our lilies
The Callistemon citrinus - bottle brush tree is covered in blossom and stands about 2 meters high,
but it is the pleasant fragrance of Lavender filling the air that we are really appreciating.