Saturday, 4 July 2020

The Courts Garden, Holt, near Bradford-on-Avon, Wilts.

How many kinds of sweet flowers grow
in an English country garden?

We'll tell you now of some that we know
Those we miss you'll surely pardon

Daffodils heart's ease and phlox
Meadowsweet and lady's smock

Gentian lupin and tall hollyhock
Roses foxgloves snowdrops blue forget-me-nots

In an English country garden.


All of a sudden I am really appreciating just how fortunate we are to have so many beautiful gardens to visit. Places to escape to from our careworn world and slip off into an earthly paradise of flowers.
The Courts Garden, which began in 1902, is entered via a green oasis down a pathway lined with elegantly pleached Lime trees.
Rest awhile in the neo-Georgian temple made from the local Bath stone.

I was amused by the topiary seen above, and wondered what they would look like if they were adorned with some hats and scarves for fun!
The stone tower of Holt Congregational church can be seen popping up beyond the boundary in several areas of the garden.
An archway of apple trees leads on down to....
....the working side of the garden.
Pots of succulents lined up on the steps - these are to keep all visitors travelling around the garden in the same direction, and help maintain safe distances.
The rich colour of these Aeoniums is far superior to the colour of mine, however, now it is time to bid au revoir to The Courts Garden and go home for supper.