Saturday, 25 June 2016

Is this my Country?

As this first full 'Brexit' day dawns - I cannot sleep.
My heart is heavy.
An old man shouts..................
"I may not have long to live but I've got my country back."
"Well, old man, why are you so selfish? why didn't you think about our young whose futures have yet to come?"
I have real concerns for my country especially
when a young, hardworking MP, an adored wife and loving mother, can be shot down, stabbed, and murdered in broad daylight for her beliefs.
An outspoken humanitarian and advocate of those in need,
whose focus was on that which unites us and not that which divides us.
Kicking the 'establishment' in the teeth is happening around the globe.
We may not necessarily agree or like all that they do but they steer the ship along a steady path.
Our new road is rocky with many bends and lots of twists - it is a complete unknown.
Don't come crying when your pensions no longer meet your needs as the Stockmarkets plummet like lead balloons,
You may loose your job because your company decides to head off into Europe.
Within hours many who voted 'Brexit' are questioning what on earth they have done!
Today I feel like a stranger in my own country
 I am away from the computer


  1. Well, I must say I was a bit chocked, when I heard the result. We'll see how it goes. Anyway, I wish you a happy Midsummer, Rosemary.

  2. A very poignant post, Rosemary. I was shocked also by the result, not that I know much about it, but I know that 'old folk' who wish to return to the past will always be disappointed not matter what the topic. We have an election next Saturday in Australia, and I wonder what lies ahead for us, too.

  3. I do so share your thoughts, Rosemary, and thank you for putting them on your blog. It is like a bereavement. Yesterday I was shocked, then could not believe it, and today I feel anger.... Tomorrow maybe I will feel grief for what is lost for ever.

  4. I feel the same Rosemary. A sad day.

  5. I agree totality with you, people don't think anymore and how will this end. You can't go back in time, you have to think how the young people have to go on in the future. Who on earth is talking about Churchill times anymore nowadays.

  6. Rosemary you articulate my feelings too, it was a dismal day yesterday. Sarah x

  7. The celebrating and partying are in full swing now but you're right, the hangover and consequences will come. I feel bad for the United Kingdom today.

  8. When we heard the result yesterday morning, we were really shocked. We had guessed that it would go well, but no, this is a disaster for your country but also not good for us.

  9. We here in Canada are shocked at the result of the vote as well. What happened to thinking of the next generation? Hugs and prayers across the seas.

  10. I had never imagined this would be the outcome. From the reactions I see everyone even in Britain is shocked, even people who voted for the brexit. That's something I don't get. Weren't they aware of what it was exactly they were voting for? As you already said Rosemary, it is especially such a pity for the young people and their future.

  11. The murder of Jo Cox was appalling. Disturbed people latch on to vitriol and many of the speakers in the Brexit debate were clearly vitriolic. Public platforms should be denied to those unable to debate respectfully and rationally, anything else is inciting civil unrest. I believe there are problems with the EU, as it functions today, but is exiting the only way to free the country from its draconian powers?

  12. Beautiful photo Rosemary.
    As we travelled we didn't hear the news until last evening. I too was shocked and it seems as though people wish to vote again...

  13. Dear Rosemary, I do not know the answer. I am ignorant about the I better not voice an opinion. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  14. Dear Rosemary - I really understand such overflow of your powerful feeling as I was so shocked about the result of the UK referendum. Today’s news (in Japan) said some people who voted “to leave” have already started to regret. I don’t know well about UK politics but I simply wonder why PM Cameron left such an important decision to national referendum. I hope wise men will negotiate constructively and patiently for the bright future of your country as your photo symbolizes.


  15. I completely agree with your words. I feel I don't know or belong in my own country anymore. I am fearful to go out and about because of people saying that it is the old people who voted for an exit. I am an older person, on a pension, and I voted to remain because of the younger people, the environment, arts and culture and scientific research. I am sure there are many like me who are feeling hurt and confused after Friday's result.

  16. It does seem like a series of shocks at the moment. I can only put my faith in all the things I admire about this country.
    Thank you for sharing such a lovely photo - it's so calming.

  17. The pollsters were off on that election. I stayed up until David Cameron spoke (1:20 a.m. Pacific Time)
    and then I couldn't fall asleep for a while after his notice of resignation. The next morning I couldn't get up - knowing our stock market would take a steep tumble I wanted to be aware. My concerns are for the rest of the world - Trump is most on my mind, here. But Europe - ??? this is too much and really incredible for me to believe. I saw interviews with British students in France and Germany wondering, "Now What?". There is a lot of uncertainty anyway in this world. Now What???

    Mary in Oregon

  18. We are living sad times. Populism is the leading doctrine most everywhere. Political leaders no longer lead but speculate their moves based on what they think would win their party more votes (and money) in future elections. (In my opinion, politicians all over should have had the guts to start making some restrictions to the so-called free market economy and the financial markets ages ago and the world wouldn't be in such a divided mess today.) I strongly feel it was a huge mistake to hold the referendum in the first place. Politicians should take full responsibility for complicated political decisions and people should not be made to vote about matters they cannot know enough about. After all, the whole point in a parliamentary system is that citizens have chosen MPs to represent them in political decision-making. They are the ones that we must expect to be professionals in such matters, at least more expert than the man in the street. I am so sorry for Britain and the rest of the EU as well. I can only hope there will be a way not to put the vote into effect.

  19. Dearest Rosemary,
    The world as we have known so long and where we felt safe and quite happy, is not the same any more.
    Greed by the elites has ruled and now the bill is being presented and as often is the case, it is the middle and lower working class that have to pay for it...
    But we better brace ourselves for many changes coming our way. Let's pray and hope that a stable and bright future will return so future generations can live the good life we all have known.

  20. I learned that your Parliament can cancel that referendum - it has only to take notice of it, but must not follow. So there is hope?

  21. That's a beautiful picture, Rosemary. I think it is a time for everyone to come together after what has been an immensely divisive, and frankly often puerile, campaign on both sides of the debate. The sky has not fallen in and to castigate those who voted one way or another simply because we don't agree with their views is unhelpful, to say the least. Both 'Leavers' and 'Remainers' represented a broad range of groups and opinions and clearly, there are extremist bigots on both sides as well as intelligent, reasoned, people who are multi-national in nature, xenophilic rather than xenophobic, and equally shocked by the abhorrent murder of that amazing MP, mother and wife. The vote has been a shock, obviously. But Britain is still the tolerant, liberal, democracy it was before - and we must all work together to make sure it stays that way.

  22. Those shocking events happen in all kinds of ways to all kinds of people in all kinds of cities and countries.
    I am saddened, it seems to be taking "Change" too far, not sure if I would trust the people promoting it or changing things .. I think the people in the GB have the same power as the people in the US, don't they ? to have their wishes known and perhaps change things ? or stop this change ?
    Sending everyone wishes for the best of luck.
    From someone who prefers Things the Way They Were ..

  23. Oh Rosemary.....that was so well said. It is great that all may vote....but those that do should know what exactly they are voting for. I am holding my breath across the waters here in the U.S......scary times indeed.

  24. I felt like that for several days. It is a really strange feeling, as if you've woken up somewhere you don't recognise at all.

  25. I think the whole world is in shock with you Rosemary! In Canada, we have been watching Donald Trump rise to power in the US, and wonder how this lunatic has made it this far and then Brexit happens. It truly feels like the world is falling apart. Good luck to us all, but mostly to our children and future generations.

  26. I was so sad to hear the result of your vote as I do believe we're all stronger together than on our own. That working for a change in the things that one feel are wrong with the EU rather than just give up and leave. And not forgetting the main idea of the EU; keeping peace, trading and being able to work and live in European countries (which is a reality for many young people in Europe today). We can never go back to times passed, we can only go forward.

    Take care sweet Rosemary and thank you for sharing your thoughts together with an amazing picture.


  27. Beautiful photo, and it tells all about this strange time

  28. Hello Rosemary, The situation reminds me of the very British story The Monkey's Paw, in which rash wishes are suddenly granted with disastrous unintended consequences. The vote came as more of a surprise because most of the people I know over there, like you, are those who at the very least would rationally explore and deliberate such a world-shattering decision.

  29. We are at a loss to understand it over here. It is such a strange and sad turn of events.


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