Friday, 24 April 2020

Nurturing Nature.

We are known as a nation of gardeners - we delight in our flower gardens filled with colour. We enjoy growing and picking our own vegetables. We wax lyrical about their flavour and how delicious our own tomatoes smell and taste compared with produce from the shop.  
Now, I am suddenly questioning why is it that the Government has deemed Garden Centres as non essential, and yet Off-licenses have been allowed to remain open? It appears that it was a move to bring cheer to millions of hard-pressed consumers shut-up at home with the pubs closed, but what consideration has been given to those of us that want to spend time in our gardens growing our own flowers and produce!
Keeping the recommended distance apart would be very easy in a garden centre and nurturing plant life must surely be of help to us during this difficult period.
I heard a hospital doctor talking and he said that currently there has been an increase in alcohol related problems in A&E along with domestic violence which often tend to go hand in glove.
Even people residing in flats and apartments can grow plants on their window ledges and balconies. Flowers, herbs, tomatoes - can you imagine just how much pleasure that could give to those looking out on nothing but windows and brick walls?
Interacting with Mother Nature is an essential part of our well-being.
Faced with a similar crisis during WWII everyone was encouraged to have a Victory garden, also called war gardens or food gardens to supplement rations and also to boost morale. 
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  1. I suppose the decision reflects the fact that there are more drinkers than diggers in the Houses of Parliament. Some of the smaller, family-run garden centres are "open" for phone orders and I had three bags of potting compost delivered only two days ago. I ordered by email, paid over the phone and they dropped it off at my gate without me even seeing them. Worth checking online to see if any are open near you.

  2. Garden centres which can distance people effectively are still allowed to be open. There is one near me and people shout their orders over the fence. Supermarkets are doing a good trade in bagged compost now.

  3. I'd like them to reopen the local household waste site. I have had to trim my hedge (big hedge, tiny backyard) and, as I don't have a green bin or room to compost, I have nowhere to take the clippings. No wonder fly-tipping is on the increase.

    1. I have a garden waste bin, and fortunately our bin service is still working. However, I do understand that many people are not having their rubbish collected in various parts of the country. Fly-tipping is extremely anti-social, and very difficult for many farmers whose land is so often used.

  4. Gardencentres are open here and you can work in your own garden as long as you keep distances to others.

  5. Garden centres here are sort of quasi open. You have to place your order ahead of time and plants are set out for you at a pick up point. That is perhaps efficient, and acceptable during these abnormal times, but it certainly takes the pleasure out of wandering through the plants, choosing your own, and picking up something you hadn't gone for.

  6. I am sorry to hear it. It seems that some powers that be have become drunk with it. Some things are unreasonable in my mind. People should be able to go to buy things to plant to eat! I see our garden centers are open but I cannot grow any vegetables in the city. Not without inviting unwanted wild life. The last time I grew tomatoes squirrels (or some other little -----) took a bite out of each one before I could.

  7. Hello Rosemary, It seems that garden centers could be kept open safely, especially with a few precautions. It would keep a part of the economy open, and give those at home an absorbing activity. Or you can use my solution and just read about gardening and orcharding. I just found on my shelves a gardening book I somehow missed before, A Paradise out of a Common Field, by Joan Morgan and Allison Richards, whose works on fruit I have cited before.

  8. Oh gosh, that's not good them not being open. Garden is very therapeutic for many people, work for me :)
    I'm sure people could keep there distance if the staff supervised it.
    Here we have garden centres open so obviously for Tasmania it's an essential service - people can grow food for themselves and grow there flowers and I think in most States and Territories in Australia they are open.

  9. You can still get compost and seeds from places like the B and Q, B and M stores, etc and some supermarkets do have a limited range of flowering seasonal plants, though nothing really exotic.

  10. Here in Alberta, the garden centres are open (with strict social distancing policies being observed like in grocery stores). Our liquor and cannabis stores have been declared essential services and are open as well. I believe it's because it would be more socially harmful to cut off alcoholics/addicts supply -- desperate people do desperate things -- rather than to simply accommodate the occasional tipplers.

  11. For once our small island has got it right. We are in total lockdown but garden centres are deemed essential. I totally agree with your comments. Not sure what I’d do if I couldn’t get my much needed supplies. Have a good weekend. B x

  12. Dearest Rosemary,
    Yes, that would be very futile for giving people a chance to plant something to enjoy and to be occupied and for some food source later.
    Let's hope things get better over the next couple of weeks!

  13. Garden centers being open in Spring seems very essential to me.

  14. How sad the garden centres have been closed. Some of the current rules often seem to forget large sections of the population, but then, policy on the run seems to be the way in these strange times. Happily our local garden centre was still open last week, and hopefully will remain so. Many businesses have been bankrupted by the isolation rules, a sad effect of the pandemic. Love the Victory Garden poster, what a cheery chap!

  15. Neither off-licences nor garden centres are open here. The day before level 4 lockdown we tried to buy either vegetable seedlings or seeds and the shelves were bare but I managed to get some from a family owned firm that was doing twice weekly set bundles by courier. Next week when we go down to Level 3 more places will be open but only for contactless purchases.

  16. We are lucky we have a large garden to enjoy, but there are millions who don't. You're quite right about the garden centres, a few colourful flowers and a pop of greenery does wonders for lifting the spirits. There is the possibility of ordering seeds, seedlings and plants on-line. We've planted potatoes and onions :)

  17. Dear Rosemary,
    From childhood on I have worked in a garden. Our Mother taught us and we did most of the work. I am so grateful that I can fill my days being busy in the garden, growing vegetables which I can share and growing flowers because I love them.

  18. Garden centres are deemed essential here, and the line ups for getting in are very long. Seeds have flown off the shelves and vegetable starts are gone almost immediately. My hope is that those who have decided to start gardens will carry through and not lose their determination come the end of June. I find gardening such a solace.


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