Thursday, 19 June 2014

June Garden

Papaver orientale and Aquilegia chrysantha "Yellow Queen"
Having spent years trying to rid the garden of this Hypericum androsaemum, finally, I'm throwing the towel in and embracing it. At least it is restricted to one small area.
Lilium martagon - delighted with these lilies. Their third summer but the first time in flower, I had almost given up on them
Lavandula angustifolia 'Hidcote' coming into flower
An exquisitely perfumed sweet-pea and a lovely colour too, then why am I unhappy with it?  it should be a beautiful shade of blue
Luscious growth around the pond
Many wild orchids make their home in my planters - this Common Spotted Orchid has joined a Hydrangea. I didn't see it move in so have no idea how it came here - did it come via the wind or the birds?
 Digitalis purpurea - lots of foxgloves in various shades from white to deepest pink - they just turn up in the garden every year - H's favourite flowers
The aromatic smell of thyme along one of the pathways
A splendid hedge of Escallonia - I am not sure what variety it is, grown from a small cutting which H picked in Wales
Hellanthemum rhodanthe carneum - Rock rose
When I was a child my mother had a dress made for me out of material with a design similar to this rock rose, a liberty pattern, it had lovely hand smocking all up the front 
The first morning glory to open - Ipomoea "kiss me quick" one of several different Ipomoea I have grown this year from seed
Sempervivum tectorum - houseleeks - in a container to prevent spreading
clouds of Alchemilla mollis linning the pathway - to keep it under control cut it right back when the flowers are over and the seeds start to form
Finally the big one is on his way, this year he is an absolute monster, almost reaching the top of the drystone wall, but look closer....
....I wonder if I will see him this year or not? 
it's looking unlikely that he will unfurl in time so it's "au revoir" Dracunulus vulgaris and "bonjour Paris" for us 


  1. Hello Rosemary,

    How delightfully floriferous your garden is looking. So many attractive plants looking very happy and healthy, and everything contained within a strong structure of hedges and pathways. It is all so very appealing, enticing one to explore and investigate all its charming nooks and crannies.

    Clearly, you work hard in the garden and you must be delighted with your efforts. The rewards of this fabulous show in June are recognition indeed.

    We too used to grow special Orchids in pots. One could then bring them forward and give them the attention they deserve when in flower and then retire them to backstage when they were 'resting'. Yours look fabulous!

  2. Hi Rosemary, your garden looks lovely! I am really happy that you posted some photos of it and would love to see more in the future. Your Tigerlilie is incredible beautiful and so is the wild orchid. Fascinating that it made its way into your container just by itself. I have seen Dracunulus vulgaris the first time in my life in a private garden that we visited a few days ago here on our vacation in England. What an impressive flower. Too bad that you most likely will miss it, but Paris will make up for it :-)! Wishing you lovely days there!

  3. That was lovely. Our gardens seem to be just about on the same schedule, though my Oriental Poppies and Columbine have finished blooming.
    Have a wonderful time in Paris!

  4. Rosemary! Your garden is beautiful!!!! Really stunning, it should be open for visitors to come and look around! What lovely flowers you have, even the hypericum has it's own beauty! Hope that you have a fantastic time in Paris!! xx

  5. What a magnificent garden you have - I'm surprised you don't do more posts about it - it is all looking so healthy and well-cared for. The foxgloves have been lovely this year - one of my favourites too. And the martagon lily is to die for soooo beautiful. Enjoy your trip to gay Paree!

  6. Beautiful.... we too have hypericum bursting out all over the place, it seems to love our clay soil. I tend to leave it to do its thing.

  7. Refreshing to see your blooms from the garden, perfectly formed.
    Have a wonderful time in Paris..
    Regards, Margaret

  8. Hello Rosemary, You truly have a green thumb, Others have their gardens invaded by nettles and thistles; yours is invaded by orchids.

    Too bad if you miss your Dracunculus blooming. I was always fascinated by the arums that grew wild--I never thought of them as garden plants. The one called jack-in-the-pulpit is one of the commonest and friendliest spring flowers in American woods.

  9. Dear Rosemary - Just lovely!! What a treat to tour your June garden. That is a striking morning glory - the streaking really caught my eye. Have a fantastic time in Paris!!

  10. Hello Rosemary,
    the pictures are absolutely lovely. These flowers are gorgeous and some I had never seen.
    A big hug

  11. Dear Rosemary, I have been waiting with anticipation to see your June garden. And what a spectacle it is! Your hard work is being rewarded and we get to enjoy it with you.
    It is still very cool here and my garden is way behind. So, your beautiful photographs will have to do for now.
    ox, Gina

  12. You have a gorgeous garden Rosemary, really magnificent. And how much knowledge you have accumulated while treating this lovely garden!
    Enjoy Paris!

  13. Rosemary, how lovely is your June garden! I'd never want to leave it, not even for Paris. When I visited your country, and even with all the historic and important sites, I was most attracted to all the magnificent flowers and gardens. England is truly gardeners paradise, due partly to your climate but to gardener expertise as well!!

  14. What a magical garden you have Rosemary! So very pretty and quintessentially English. I love the statues, ponds and dry stone wall as well as the flowers. So nice to get an up-close look at the types of flowers you grow over there. I didn't realise that you had native orchids in Britain - they are very pretty. Amazing that it found its way there by itself. I got a whiff of the sweet pea as I scrolled through the pictures - I see what you mean about its fragrance!:) Your morning glory is gorgeous - it is a shame that they are an invasive weed over here and very difficult to get rid of.
    I hope you have a wonderful time in Paris - I look forward to seeing it through your magnificent photos!!

  15. How exciting to have orchids suddenly just appear in your garden! You have so many exotic (to me , anyway) flowers, but of this grouping I especially like the morning glory. Its pattern reminds me of certain marbled papers. Enjoy your trip to Paris!

  16. What an utterly beautiful garden! I am in awe. It seems it would be hard to leave such splendour behind, but your intended destination is not without its own charms. Bon voyage!

  17. What a beautiful many lovely flowers!
    Have a lovely summerday!

  18. Ooooooo, you're going to Paris! so wonderful! Visiting your son probably? Have the greatest of times!

    Your garden is stunning! Love that wall ;) and the Hypericum. Did you really try to get rid of it? So pretty! I love that Lillium, never seen anything like it! And the wild orchids and.... so much beauty in your garden!

    Have a fun time finding beauty in Paris as well!


  19. It's all beautiful Rosemary. I love the long view up the pathway and what a bonus to have the orchid!
    The lilies are fabulous.. ahead of mine. And of course I covet the lavender, as it seems I can't grow it here.
    Enjoy Paris.

  20. Your garden is absolutely stunning and with a great design ! Trading Dracunulus vulgaris for Paris isn't bad at all though , wishing you a wonderful time !

  21. Your garden is exquisitely beautiful, Rosemary. If you ever open it for public tours, do let us know. I think I'd manage to fly over just to enjoy it! We rarely see sweet peas, and I do love them very much. What a pretty bloom you show. Happy times in Paris, the Queen of Cities.

  22. Such a stunningly beautiful garden Rosemary,
    It's all looking so healthy and rich with the vibrant colors of your many different flowers.
    Wishing you a great time in Paris..
    xxx val

  23. Dear Rosemary,
    to leave this beautiful garden for even a second is hard - though Paris is alluring too.
    Papaver I love in every variation. And St. John's wort is deep in my eidetic memory when my best friend Anne and I made our tour 'Bed and Breakfast for gardenlovers" (husbands stayed in Germany), and Wendy Dare had a row of very bright and big-blossomed St. John's wort shrubs that lighted up even a gray day. (Her husband is the only living man I know a sweet pea is called after). My sweet peas on the balcony start to show buds - I am curious to see how especially Miss Willmott will turn out.

  24. Such a lovely garden, Rosemary. Thank you for sharing. I especially love the lavender and the morning glories.
    Have a great trip to Paris - can't wait to see your pictures from the city of light. :)

  25. Hello Rosemary, so nice to stop by and fill my eyes with the blooming beauty of your garden. Have a wonderful trip to Paris.

  26. Wow such beauty your garden is bringing you!
    Have a lovely time in Paris Rosemary.

  27. You have a magnificent garden - obviously brought about by a lot of hard work. Enjoy your time in Paris.

  28. Fantastic Rosemary. What better way to start my day than a guided tour around your magical garden. Such gorgeous selections to grow too, many of which I do not grow but have wanted to for some time. I am growing some Japanese varieties of Morning glory but having only just arrived back I didn't notice how they were progressing. Too bad you'll miss the emergence of the Dracunulus, he looks like hes on top form this year. Have a great trip to Paris. If you are anywhere near Notre Dame say hello to Rue Chanoinesse for me. I worked in a wonderful atelier there and have many happy memories.

  29. You have so many beautiful bloomers in your garden, Rosemary. Lovely! I like fox gloves! Happy Mid Summer!

  30. Oh my goodness!!! Your june garden is fantastic. This is a piece of heaven!!! So very beautiful!
    All my best

  31. Your June garden is amazing, so many not so common plants. I love the Lilium martagon, their flowers are so beautiful, I had them in the garden but have disappeared. Also your Dracunculus vulgaris is growing spectacular, may be you miss the flowers but I think Paris is better. Your wild Orchis is stunning too, and you have more of them!?!? Enjoyed this great garden post.

  32. Beautiful, of course, and how apt (I saw the comment above) that while the rest of us battle with couch grass and mare's tails, your weeds are wild orchids!
    I hope that while the gardeners are away the bad weeds do not play!

  33. Love, Love, Love your garden, Rosemary! Even though I thought I was aware of many flowers, I've never seen the gorgeous bloom of the Hen & Chickens -- in England evidently, their common name is Houseleeks (Sempervivum tectorum)! Gorgeous, and those sharply-pointed petals force one's eyes to the lovely and colorful center. I'm assuming you have enlarged it many times.
    That resting spot along the pathway must be a favorite place of yours. It would certainly be one of mine. Does it have a view of the shy mermaid that you've so politely given a little shelter with the future blooming Iris? Very nice, either way.
    Bonne vacances à Paris! Mangez quelquechose dans une patisserie pour moi!

    Mary in Oregon

  34. What a beautiful garden you have Rosemary. It's quite large! I have the same problem with the Hypericum androsaemum. Can't seem to get rid of it either......

    Have a lovely time in Paris!

    Madelief x

  35. Dear Rosemary,
    oh, so very happy you visited me. I'll turn the horse shoe the other way! Wonderful to have you around!
    All my best

  36. say the least!
    Love that variegated morning glory!
    Linda :o)


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