Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Thinking of Beirut

My thoughts are with all the ordinary men, women and children of Beirut -  however, will they cope?

A collapsed economy,
A banking crisis,
Corrupt leaders, 
A rampant virus, 
and now this horrendous explosion.
Do they have enough strength, 
and human spirit to continue forward? 
They need help - now - urgently.


  1. So sad to hear about Beirut. Years ago my friends attended American University in Beirut and I visited them there. At that time Beirut was a world class city, the Paris of the Mediterranean, and the country shared democratic rule between the Muslims and the Christians. It is hard to see the current suffering there.

  2. So sad to see Beirut collapsed in this horror, and to read about its already debilitated state. It used to be known as a beautiful city. Praying for their people.

  3. And to think that Beirut was for so many years considered the Paris of the region.......

  4. It is incredible what happened there, looks like a war scene...

  5. Dearest Rosemary,
    A tragedy like that is sad for any country but often the media looks away...

  6. Dear Rosemary,
    Beirut was the most beautiful city in the region. It's people loved their city. Now there is nothing but sadness and destruction. I feel for their inhabitants. Thank you for reminding us.

  7. Just dreadful Rosemary. Sometimes life deals some people a very rough life.

  8. Yes, what a horrible situation they are in right now. A corrupt and useless government and now that tragic explosion from "an accident waiting to happen."

  9. Watching coverage of the actual explosion was unbelievable - and now seeing the aftermath and hearing that beside so many deaths and thousands of injuries, 300,000 people are now homeless, is heart breaking.
    We have friends here who still have family members there - I pray they are OK.

  10. It makes me count my blessings that I am fortunate to live here. My heart aches for those poor souls.

  11. That explosion was horrific. Years ago we had a business dinner in Europe with a nice couple from Beirut.. I thought of them immediately. Hope they are safe.

  12. A lesson in what happens when you get the wrong type of government and corrupt money grabbing individuals in, just on a bigger scale than it usually is. And as usual it's the ordinary folk that suffer most. Wonder if the right people will face justice or just some lower level scapegoats... as usual.

  13. Τα πιο βαθιά συναισθήματα όλων μας είναι μαζί τους.
    Υπέροχη η ανάρτησή σας.

  14. It is so sad, dear Rosemary, and thinking of what Beirut once has been.. Compassion to the people there, such a hard fate!

  15. I saw the news the following day when I picked up the papers. A photo of the explosion looked like a nuke.

    Giving to the Lebanese Red Cross is the best alternative.


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