Saturday 23 July 2011

The Green Man

Green Man at Derby Cathedral - photo courtesy of Duncan via flickr
Once upon a time there was a young man living in a mobile home 
photo courtesy of  alicepopkorn via flickr
On the top of his home he built a small wind turbine to give him all of his energy needs
Eventually he became the Lord of wind turbines in the whole of the kingdom, supplying green electricity to thousands of homes
He is now moving to this castle on a hill
The outside of his office is almost completely covered in a green Union Jack flag 
His original and quirky style continues in his showrooms where the windows are covered in cartoon graffiti illustrating green issues
The graffiti on the windows is changed every few weeks
The windows are difficult to photograph due to the showroom inside, and the buildings across the road being reflected in the glass. They are, however, great fun.
The moral of this story is - 
Mighty oaks from little acorns grow


  1. Hello Rosemary:
    They do indeed! We are great believers in the mantra that small actions accomplished by many individuals do amount to significant change. In these small ways, we can change the world!!

  2. A fabulously told story- ooooh, I do love a good yarn - which leaves me wanting to run off and investigate further! And what an encouraging message.
    An amazing post, Rosemary, thanks :-)

  3. Dear Jane & Lance - thank you; my husband's motto is 'think global, act local'

  4. Thanks Kate - pleased you enjoyed reading it.

  5. Someone said that something well done is its own reward, but it's nice when others notice and buy into the vision, too! Thanks for the modern fairytale.

  6. Thank you Mark - you must have a passion in order to drive things through. He employs lots of enthusiastic young people who live his dream too.


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