Friday, 7 August 2015

Rest Awhile

In general I avoid calling in at motorway service stops with their burger chains, coffee bars, obligatory sandwich shops, newsagents, and piled high snack counters, not forgetting the costly fuel. It is different here on the western edge of the Cotswolds where if you are travelling north or south on the M5 a service stop is more like calling in at a contemporary outlet for somewhere akin to Harrods or Fortnum & Masons.

A smart contemporary restaurant serving interesting, delicious, seasonal food
The shopping area is filled with organic and freshly made produce which comes directly from local farms or small west country producers within a radius of 30 miles
You will find a butcher, an artisan baker, a pâtissier, a fishmonger, sausages made from wild boar, and Gloucester Old Spot pigs, along with locally handmade pottery, and crafts 
Locally produced cheese - the cheese in the middle is Cerney cheese which is made close to the village of South Cerney shown on my previous posting
French local pâtissier, Richard Bertinet, originally from Brittany
Homemade fudge
A myriad of freshly baked pies 
straight from the farm
handcrafted goods
Not for eating - this is soap!!!
I have not, of course, received any renumeration for posting this. I simply find it is an interesting concept, and possibly a different way forward for other areas to replicate. The family who have opened this farm outlet were also responsible for opening a similar one on the motorway in Cumbria which has now become an important resource employing over 150 local people, not counting all the farmers and producers who also benefit by being able to sell their products through the outlet. It is now favoured by many who drive through Cumbria on their way up and down from Scotland. It is a creative approach to promoting local foods and crafts and an enterprising way of catching passing travellers.

.......for a short break. The bags are packed, the bird feeders have been filled, the flower pots watered, so it is time to hit the road albeit not along a motorway!


  1. A great place to stop. I also always try to find a different kind of place where to refuel ourselves when we are on the road. I Have been planning to post about one but let's see. Have a lovely break!

  2. What a fabulous idea! Nothing like that exists around here and what a shame because we have willing farmers, gardeners and crafts people. The sheer variety of products is mindboggling. And your photographs, dear Rosemary, are ready to be used for an advertising campaign.
    Have a wonderful holiday,albeit being a short one.and not along a motorway.

  3. What a nice place to visit. Greetings!

  4. oh, if only we would do something similar here in the states.....great concept. a win-win! (I couldn't have resisted buying...did you?!?)

  5. Will definitely be looking for this stop, it looks fantastic.

  6. Have a good time away. I think my indoor plants will be passed it when I get home.
    Looks a lovely place yo call into and shop. Never seen soap in those shapes, a novel idea..

  7. A wonderful farm outlet along the M5. The jugs are so beautiful and the food mouthwatering.

  8. Dear Rosemary,

    I haven't encountered any elegant shops like this along major American roadways, but there's always hope for the future. It is noteworthy that fast food chains here are taking a second and third look at their ingredients and calories, and making adjustments as more Americans are conscious of their health. That might all be a by-probuct of the rise of preventative health care.

    My selection would be one of those lovely tarts . . .

  9. Wow what a wonderful place it makes you want to buy everything doesn't it. Well it does me anyway. Have a good break, see you soon.

  10. I know and like the one in Cumbria - may there be many more (though they are a bit expensive.... worth it if you can afford it!)

  11. That looks wonderful and would be such a good idea if it was copied throughout the country. Hope you have a wonderful break. I'm sure you will find some more delights to share with us from your trip! Sarah x

  12. Hello Rosemary, I have a friend in Taiwan who makes similar soaps that look like cookies and candy, and also know a certain two-year-old who had the time of his life trying to trick me into "eating" them, which of course I pretended to do!

  13. What a brilliant idea. And what a mouthwatering display of food.

    Ms Soup

  14. What a superb display of proper foodstuffs. Refreshing when you think of the usual overpriced junkfood on offer when you stop at an m/way service station. Gosh, you could spend a fortune here I bet!

  15. A wonderful idea and a great place to stop. Enjoy the holidays.

  16. Goodness, this seems like a destination instead of a stop along the way! Those farm pies spoke to me.

    Have a great trip. I know that you will bring back wonderful things to share. janey

  17. What a beautiful place! Such a great idea as well. You'd want to stop there instead of having to stop. Lovely post! Love those jugs! And the many fresh and homemade goodies of course!
    Have a great trip!

  18. I was thinking my family or friends who might be traveling to England with me the next time might think it strange to see a highway stop on my list of "Places to Visit"!!! But, like you, Rosemary, one finds one's interest wherever -- not necessarily to everyone else's liking - but to one's own liking.

    That cardamom and orange dressing might find it's way into my basket - and I could hardly refuse trying something made by Monsieur Bertinet. I probably would not be able to resist one piece of homemade vanilla fudge - heck - I might be there longer than it takes to fill the car with petrol!

    Waiting for your next installment! Enjoy your getaway! - Mary in Oregon

  19. Yes, please!!! I'll stop here anytime, in fact, I'll go out of my way to visit. Everything looks so delicious, even the soap! Fabulous idea, I hope it does indeed spread across the ocean to North America. Have a wonderful trip, Rosemary!

  20. Dear Rosemary,

    What a great place to stop for lunch or some beautiful supplies - love all the dressings and sauces and all the delicious looking food.
    Hope you have a safe and wonderful trip

  21. I've noted this "pit-stop"! It will be useful if we are self-catering too.

  22. Oh wow Rosemary, This place almost makes me wish we had used the M5 on our way to the Peak District :-) A beautiful rest!

    Have a good week!

    Madelief x

  23. What a great place, Rosemary. I don't like the usual truck stops either, but often there is nothing else to be found. This concept is wonderful, and quite mouth-watering too. Love the jugs, and the line of pies would tempt anyone! Happy and safe travels to you; have an excellent time away :)

  24. This place doesn’t look like a motorway service station but a stylish mall in the urban area. I guess I’ll never leave there empty-handed. Where have you headed for? Look forward to your souvenir talks and photos. Have a nice trip, Rosemary.


  25. I have been intending to visit this service station since it opened, the problem is it is close to home, I think a special journey will have to be arranged.



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