Sunday, 9 October 2011


It is all eldest son's fault that I am spending so much time on the computer. Reliving past events, travels, and writing down random thoughts that come in to my head, albeit, usually when I am trying to drop off to sleep.
Every time he came over from Norway to stay, he would get really fed-up with our old computer, which incidentally came from him in the first place. He would complain that it was too slow, we did not have Broadband, and lots of things were impossible to do. It was one of those huge bulky affairs and not at all nice to look at - I would keep the study door shut so that I could not see it.  Now, after much arm twisting, here we are, with a beautiful wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, and the most glorious screen ever.
Every time he complained we quietly told him that the old one did everything we wanted it to do. We could book our flights and airport car-parking, send emails and that was all we wanted. 
The Christmas before last he took H, inwardly kicking and screaming, reluctantly down to the nearest shopping arcade and dragged us into the 21st century. He said if we did not buy a new computer then he would do it. Look he said, you will be able to speak to the grandchildren in Norway on Skype, and think how lovely that would be.
In retrospect he was right. I am loving the creativity that the computer brings with it. I get lots of my shopping needs online, use comparison sites for insurance etc, and use my photos to make personalised birthday greetings cards.
Principally though I am really enjoying all of the lovely contacts I have made through Where Five Valleys Meet. I have been blogging for 3 months today and appreciate all of your kind and well thought-out comments, enjoy reading and looking at your blogs and feel that I have made a whole load of new friends. I do hope that I do not overload you with too much stuff. Eldest son said I should make one post a week, which I have not done, the average is about 3, so sorry son. As time goes on, I shall probably have to cut it down, the house really needs a good lick and a polish or else the Health & Safety Brigade will be after me.
Anyway thanks to you all, and especially to eldest son; he was right and we were wrong.


  1. Hi, Rosemary —

    Your new computer is lovely, and there could be no more appropriate time to thank Steve Jobs for either developing or influencing beautiful design and overall quality in ALL personal computers.

    I feel the same way as you about connecting with people and making new friends through blogging. I've looked at blogs that have attracted followers in excess of 1,000 or 1,500 and marveled at those numbers, I have to admit even a little jealously! But with time, I've come to appreciate that I much prefer sharing with a circle or network that is not so large that I could no longer have a conversation.

  2. Dear Mark- I too have looked at blogs with a huge following, but I have noticed that some of them have been going for 2 or 3years.
    Steve Jobs was a modern day genius, and I for one, certainly need my APPLE a day.

  3. We also have a Mac, a few years older but still great. Wonderful how our children help keep us up with new advances.

    1. Yes, you are right. We were very reluctant participants, but our son wore us down. Now, I think perhaps, I spend too much time on the computer, but I do love the connections made with others around the world. They really do become very important to you.


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