Sunday 16 October 2011

The colours of Anna Maria Island, Florida.

For the past three years in March, we have joined my brother and his wife on Anna Maria Island, Florida. They live in Canada and along with many of their compatriots make the journey to escape the end of the northern winter. Canadians travelling south are affectionately known as Snow Birds.
When I think of Anna Maria Island, the colours that spring to mind are azure skies, turquoise sea, sugar white beaches and lots of blobs of shocking pink, orange, yellow, and purple. Think in terms of a David Hockney painting.
Anna Maria Island is a barrier island off the coast of Manatee County. It is bounded on the west by the Gulf of Mexico, and on the north by Tampa Bay. It is 7 miles long, at its widest no more than 2 miles. It connects to the mainland by bridges and causeways. Whilst there I have recorded images that I have found both interesting, fun, and quirky.
Front and back of a Sand Dollar found on the beach and given to me by my lovely sister-in-law.

Brown Pelican
I love these Real Estate signs by local artist Emerson
Great Blue Heron
100 year old City Pier
image taken by H - too early in the morning for me


  1. Hi, Rosemary,

    Great photos, and of course, most of these images are very familiar to me since I'm in St. Petersburg. After more than 30 years of Florida living, I still look at royal palms and the Gulf of Mexico with the same wonder and appreciation that I had when I had just arrived via a northern blizzard. For several consecutive years, a beach in the immediate area has been named the best in the country, and that includes Hawaii! It's little wonder that when vacation time rolls around, I don't often feel like going elsewhere.

    And the snow birds are already starting to arrive ...

  2. Hello Mark - glad you like the photos. The beaches where you live are beautiful, the sand is so fine, soft and white. We particularly love the birds, especially waders on the edge of the seashore. They show no fear of humans, and there are so many different varieties.

  3. Very nice colors of Anna Maria Island. I like the sunset, the birds and all those colored pictures.

  4. bonito blog rosemary, calido y curioso. gracias por tu visita a foto grata. saludos, pasare mas veces.

  5. Thank you Marius, pleased you liked the pictures of Anna Maria Island.

  6. Gracias por su visita oteador, contento que haya disfrutado de las imágenes.

  7. I must have missed this post Rosemary; H’s handiwork second from bottom is stunning! Love the addition of the boat and pier detail. The locals appear to be up and at it already, what a place to work!

  8. Thanks Bertie - I will pass on your kind comments to H. I was pleased with his image too. It is one of only a handful of photos he has taken for me. Re the locals, I think it is a case of the early bird catching the fish!

  9. We loved it there. Ate at the restaurant on the Pier.. folks were so kind and fun. Beautiful spot. Lucky you!!

    1. How lovely to know that you are familiar with Anna Maria Island too. We regularly visited the City Pier and the Rod and Reel Pier restaurants for lovely fish meals.


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