Friday 18 November 2011

Happy Birthday

Today is H's birthday, and we have celebrated by having a few days away in the SW corner of England which has its own micro-climate - St Ives.
Agapanthus still in flower
Aeoniums - if I left mine outside at this time of year they would turn mushy.
The area was beloved of the St. Ives school of painters during the early and mid part of the 20th C because of the special light it affords.
The bay where we stayed was a pleasant walk along the cliff top to St. Ives.
In the late 19th C on the opposite side of the peninsula, the Newlyn School of painters settled.  Among the Newlyn group are two of my favourite painters.
Between the Tides by Walter Langley - oil on canvass owned by Warrington Museum & Art gallery.
Stanhope Forbes - Fish for Sale on a Cornish Beach - owned by Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery


  1. Hello Rosemary:
    We love St Ives and have many happy memories of time spent there with friends who live near Penzance. Tate St Ives is a particular favourite port of call and the Barbara Hepworth studio and museum. So much of interest to see and do and, always, the wonderful light and the spectacular coastline.

  2. Oooh, Rosemary, a favourite place with me! You have the Tate at your disposal and I have a feeling you will find a way of utilising that stunning light...have you met the assertive seagulls yet?

  3. I was so sorry to learn that you are feeling unwell Kate - get better soon. We did see the seagulls eyeing up anyone eating cornish pasties. H enjoyed shooing them away.

  4. Dear Jane and Lance - the weather was lovely and mild whilst we were there. Another gallery we like is the Penlee in Penzance.

  5. its lovely with some time just for two : )
    your photo with the boeats is so beautiful!

  6. Dear Demie - we had a very relaxed time, but will enjoy seeing the family this weekend. The boats did look interesting all stacked up for the coming winter - I am pleased you liked the photo.

  7. lovely pictures and paintings!

  8. Happy birthday H! The top image looks positively tropical, and the colours of the upturned boats are glorious! Glad you had a good trip Rosemary.

  9. Dear Bertie - it is interesting how a couple of hundred miles down the country makes such a difference to the way plants can survive happily outside during the winter. The boats were a good image to snap with the camera.


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