Sunday, 6 November 2011

Anticipating the Spring

Spring is a very long journey away.  Christmas first, and then who knows what weather will be thrown at us this year. Today is really warm, the sun is shining, and I have started thinking about the garden next year. We have decided to have more lilies, but are especially drawn to these turkish cap varieties. The pink ones below - Martagon, actually grow in the wild quite near to where we live. I have also seen them growing in a valley deep in the Pyrenees where they have lingered in my memory. They have been on our garden list for a long time, but I always remember too late in the season. This year I am thinking ahead.
Martagon Pink
Martagon Album
Martagon Yellow Bunting
Davidii Bright Orange
Leichtlinii Yellow Speckled
Hiawaitha Red Tiger Lily
images courtesy Harts Nursery


  1. Hello Rosemary:
    They are indeed wonderful. We never, alas, grew them at all successfully but always recall those at Spetchley, outside Worcester, where they had naturalised, most likely over years, in long grass and looked spectacular. You may well have seen them there too?

  2. Dear Jane & Lance - I have not been to Spetchley, but will make a point of going there.
    I will just get a few to start with, in case I am unsuccessful too. They are quite pricey.

  3. Oooh... beautiful! Hope you have success growing those lilies and do keep us posted :-)

  4. Dear Nat - I am just about to send off the order - hoping they will perform for us, and look as beautiful as their pictures.

  5. its good to plan ahead in order to have a gorgeous garden... i am really bad at this. i always think its too soon, and then all of a suuden its too late!
    i `ll try to be more clever this year ; )
    love the pictures Rosemary : )

  6. Dear Demie - I have been meaning to plant these lilies for years, but they are only available at this time of year. I normally think about them in the Spring when it is too late.

  7. Gorgeous! Every year I think, this will be the year I plant bulbs and tubers in Autumn ready for a spectacular Spring. And every year, I don't. Thanks for the reminder...perhaps I will have a go this year :-)

  8. Kate - apart from reminding myself, everyone else seems to be happy to have a reminder. The displays next year up and down the country should be splendid.

  9. Beautiful images Rosemary! My garden is exploding with lavender at the moment - the bees love it!!

  10. M Violetta - thanks for commenting. You must be in the southern hemisphere to have lavender - how lovely. Another 5 or 6 months before we see it again.


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