Thursday 29 December 2011

Christmas in Norway

Norwegian flags on tree in Stavanger Cathedral
Night reflections Stavanger
Day reflections Stavanger
Normal service will be resumed in January

We mistakenly travelled to Norway with chunky boots and thick woolly coats expecting to see snow!!! - Just back briefly, suitcases to unpack and then quickly repack. 


  1. beautiful! hope you're having a wonderful holiday season. I wish it had snowed even just a little bit here!

  2. Dear Roanna - I believe it snowed in Norway a few hours after our departure. Wishing you a happy holiday season too, and an exciting 2012 for both you and your husband.

  3. hope you enjoyed your time anyway... without the snow i mean.
    its very rare at this time of year to have plus on the Celcius... here i the east of Norway is only a bit stil on the ground and the gress coming out is green!!!
    wishing you a happy new year
    and ...takk for det gamle : )

  4. Kjære Demie - håper du og din familie hadde en flott jul, og ser frem til vår fortsatte kontakt i 2012.

  5. Dear Rosemary - I hope you and H had a merry Christmas and a happy Boxing Day! The scenery of Norway looks lovely, and though there is no snow pictured, it looks chilly nonetheless. I wish you a Happy New Year! Mark

  6. Hello Mark - I feel very indulged this year - Christmas done by eldest son and wife, and New Year being done by youngest son and wife. Looking forward to seeing your posts in 2012 and thanks for all of your interest in mine - Happy New Year.


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