Friday, 6 January 2012


I should like to introduce you to Chutney, a cat belonging to my youngest son's family, or perhaps I need to rephrase that, my youngest son's family belong to Chutney. As my grandson told me “you feed, shelter, love dogs, and they look at their owners and think” “they are God”. “You feed, shelter, love cats, and they look at their owners and think” “I am God”
I was sitting in the family's sitting room on New Years Day reading my book, when suddenly a pair of paws appeared at the arm of the chair, followed by a pair of eyes studying me intently. He then looked at the chair and back to me. Chutney was clearly telling me that this was his chair thank you very much and would you please go on your way.  I, however, had no intention of leaving and continued to read - after all age comes before beauty.  At short intervals of time he continued to come back and do the same thing again, and again, until I began to feel quite uncomfortable about depriving him of his seat!!!
snow in 2010
watching Simon's cat cartoon on the computer
A loved and adored cat called Chutney
images courtesy my daughter-in-law


  1. he's adorable! I find myself to be our Jack's chair and bed, even sometimes when it's summer... We also catch up on Simon's Cat together!

  2. Dear Roanna - basically I think all cats are the same, and my grandson's summing up is pretty accurate. We do, however, all love Chutney.

  3. So cute!!!!! :) Happy New Year!!!

  4. Dear Marie - thanks for your comments - I know from your blog that you are very fond of cats and A Happy New Year 2012 to you as well.

  5. What a sweet (and cheeky!) cat! They do have a way of making you feel guilty! Happy New Year to you!
    Love the Simon's Cat cartoon!

  6. Happy New Year to you as well Alix & hope you make lots of wonderful things this year.

  7. oh, chutney....what a face. thanks for the pictures from kittenhood as well. he is just lovely. i like your grandson's summary of cats and dogs. i think it may be why i like having both keeps one honest!

  8. Chutney is gorgeous! Love all your photos of him :-)

  9. Dear Annette & Nat - thanks for your comments, credit for the photos goes to my daughter-in-law.

  10. Chuntney is the most adorable little cat.
    I didnt get time to write a comment earlier..but here i am.
    The photo of the rat and the cat is priceless.

  11. Val - its a little mouse not a rat! but I agree Chutney is adorable.

  12. Rosemary, what an adorable kitty. Chutney is charming in that basket. Thanks so much for visiting me.

  13. Dear Olive - Chutney does seem to capture the heart.
    I could not believe it when I saw your daughter's converse shoes. My granddaughter wanted me to get blue, and when I couldn't she said she would like Dr. Seuss ones. I search high and low in the UK without any luck, and ended up giving her money to find her own.

  14. Hello Chutney! What a beautiful cat he is Rosemary. He also appears to be sporting a rather fine moustache, splendid!

    1. His does have a moustache, but slightly lopsided - not such a good specimen as yours Bertie.


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