Tuesday, 10 January 2012

War Horse written by Michael Morpurgo / January flowers in my garden

The First World War is experienced through the journey of this horse—an odyssey of joy and sorrow, passionate friendship and high adventure. "War Horse" is a great story — a successful book, it was turned into an international theatrical play, and it now comes to the screen in an epic adaptation by one of the great directors in film history, Steven Spielberg. He has set the first part of the film in my locality, in the pretty village of Castle Combe. The countryside scenes were done in Devon.
all images above courtesy wikipedia
If you go and see the film watch out for Castle Combe.
Strolling around the garden this morning it is surprising what flowers are already showing their faces.
first snowdrops
Garryia Eliptica tassels are now over 20cms long
Flower buds of the Clematis Armandii
Helleborus purpurascens
Bergenia Ballawley
Erica carnea - Winter heathers
All of the summer Geraniums have surprisingly survived the Winter so far
Helleborous buds
Spring bulbs emerging all over the garden


  1. I will certainly look out for the film. It sounds as though it will be good.
    Rosemary.. you take such beautiful photos.. Your garden is stunning.
    Its a true "English country garden"--
    thanks for sharing

  2. Dear Val - thank you very much. I just point the camera, shoot, and hope for the best.

  3. what a charming little town. i could most definitely set myself up in one of those little cottages.
    and you must be having a mild winter like we are. no snow. our trees are budding, but i'm not finding flowers in bloom. the flowers are lovely

  4. During this winter Annette, we have seen neither frost or snow. Fingers crossed that it will continue.

  5. I know! Nature thinks it's Spring in January, I was just clocking the yellow broom flowers up on the fort today! Snowdrops, daffodils: can this end well? Either a cold snap puts an end to all this early exuberance or we will be facing full-on Summer by April...

  6. It is strange Kate, particularly after two horrible winters. I have got the heating on but the house feels so warm that I think I will have to switch it off.

  7. what a lovely little village!
    and i am amazed with the flower in your garden blooming already!
    everything is covered with snow (of course) here and it will take a while before we see the ground...

    love to you : )

  8. Dear Demie - This is the first winter I can remember where my summer geraniums have not died. They usually perish with the autumn frosts. Perhaps if it continues to be mild I might not have to buy any in the late spring to replace them and save myself some money!!!

  9. How much fun it will be to see familiar sights at the theater!

    The wooded area behind my house was filmed for a very short sequence of Ron Howard's movie from the 1980s, Cocoon. I missed all the excitement, though, because the movie was made several years before I moved in. So much has changed in my area, I'm not even sure if I'd recognize the clip now.

    I must say, Rosemary, you have a very exotic looking garden. I'll bet you spend your winter nights looking at seed catalogs.

  10. Hi Mark - We are off to see the Warhorse film next Monday, so looking forward to seeing the local sites featured.
    I have ordered some exotic lily bulbs to plant in the garden, and your comment has reminded me that they have not arrived yet! so must look into that - thanks.

  11. Hello Rosemary! I hope your new year has started swimmingly! Your village is beautiful, will keep an eye out for it when I get to see War Horse. This non-winter has been strange but I suppose we must be grateful for all these early flowers. The blooms in your garden are looking delightful!

    1. Hello Bertie - I do not actually live in Castle Combe but it is not too far away. War Horse is a great film, see it if you can.
      Last winter I lost quite a few plants from the garden, this year, with a bit of luck, even the geraniums in pots might survive.


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