Thursday, 6 October 2016


Sunrise on our hilltop
When I was at school the country that we are travelling to was known by another name
Over 80 languages are spoken
It has a unique cultural heritage with spectacular mountain scenery,
and traces its Christian origins back to the 1st century AD 
This country has over 9,000 churches and monasteries 
Some of their religious buildings are totally unique - there are no other churches like them anywhere else in the world
Their calendar is completely different to ours
via wiki
A significant moment
We, personally, have not met anyone else who has visited this country
Lots of clues here - if you are a 'follower' and guess the country correctly there will be a small gift. Please name one country only per comment, but if you change your mind, come back, have another go, but still name one country only. I am switching on 'Comments Moderation' to give everyone an equal chance. Should there be several correct answers I will have a draw to establish the winner.
Good luck - back towards the end of the month 


  1. Just happened to be looking at something else and spotted your post and was intrigued to see where you had been - as you travel to such interesting places. I didn't realise it was a quiz! However, now I am here, my guess is Ethiopia. Sounds fascinating wherever it was and I look forward to hearing more about it as I hope to return a bit to blogging next week. Hope you had fun!!! xx

  2. Oh my. I couldn't even guess. Probably some country in Africa. Can't wait for the answer.

    Oh, I blogged about restoring the cemetery today. Janey

  3. Well, I have no idea but I'd say it's probably in North Africa somewhere and is a bastion of Coptic Christianity?

  4. Wow Rosemary - even I haven't been there but would love to go some day!
    I'm guessing - this time around - Ukraine!
    Have a fabulous trip - can't wait to view your photos - know there will be some amazing opportunities to shoot colorful, beautiful places.

    Mary x

  5. I'm guessing Ethiopia. If so, it is going to be a fascinating trip.

  6. I'm going to take a guess at Ethiopia. Great quiz.

  7. How exciting Rosemary, I am guessing Armenia - that would be fascinating, but wherever you are going I know we will love your photos and reports!

  8. Ethiopia? I like your blog

    ( '>
    Warm ALOHA to You,

  9. Well I'm going to guess Ethiopia, because of the calendar. Would that be the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon in the 'significant moment'? But I could be completely wrong! Wherever you go, have a lovely time.

  10. Dear Rosemary, I'm thinking one of the Balkan States, could be Macedonia. More importantly, we get to see more beautiful photographs. Have a wonderful trip and be safe.

  11. Russia, then the USSR?
    Margaret P

  12. Dearest Rosemary,
    Guess you are going to explore historic Ethiopia, the First Christian Nation or Abyssinia...
    Looking forward to hear more about your plans.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  13. From the look of the people on the plaque I think on reflection that it must be an African country and of course the colourful plates or whatever they are. I am intrigued.

  14. Dear Rosemary,

    Such a wonderful sunrise.
    Just wondering is it Cambodia? Hope wherever your travels take you, you will have a safe and wonderful trip.
    Sending hugs


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