Tuesday 25 October 2022


 ..............continues to suffer

unimaginable privations and

support remains vital for


The above book that our two sons published earlier this year called "The Lady on the Plank" Poems for Ukraine raised £1356 for Ukrainian charities. The printing and publishing costs were met and paid for by Jonathan, so all of the proceeds from the book which cost £10 from a limited edition of 100 went to help much needed Ukranian charities.  

Although they both lead very busy lives they are endeavouring to help the anguished, bereaved people of Ukraine again. Using the same formatt as previously the second book is now with the printer, and Jonathan is meeting the cost again.

Until Independence Day has 40 poems by Jonathan and 6 linocuts by Nicholas

Russian Gas

Gas arrives at your door and

 calls you its friend. It dances

In the flames of the fire, like a life

 that will never end. Gas tells you

stories about the past, tales of men

 who put their lives at risk, who

overcame the obstacles of borders, mountains, 

all that came in the way.

Gas makes you dinner, quickly, silently,

 just while you wait, home from work

and feeling tired, then gas puts its

 warm arm around you and explains

that what it wants is not money

 but power, power over your destiny,

control of the world. Gas smiles

 a horrible smile, like an old troll

come up out of the earth, and shows

 its bad teeth, its sour breath.


  1. Kudos to your sons and congrats on the success of their fundraising. And now, a second book! The poem "Russian Gas" is very powerful. Wishing them more fundraising success!

  2. How wonderful for your sons to publish another volume of poetry in aid of Ukraine. It is so important for the world to stand behind Ukrainians and to support them however we can. I'm glad for aid groups where we can donate.
    Just this morning I watched a BBC video on Youtube of a young reporter from Kherson who secretly filmed the first three months of the war, and its affect on his wife and 5 year old daughter. It was chilling to watch.

  3. Lots of young men are talented but not too many are focused on their just causes as well. You must have been an excellent mum.

  4. Good luck to your sons with their second book, and the first one did well Rosemary.

  5. Sometimes, thankfully, one is reminded that there is good in this world. Your sons are a beacon, Rosemary, whose light shines brilliantly.

  6. That is a great success of your sons, and a wonderful, heartfelt way to help the people who had to leave everything behind to save their life. A thought that one doesn't dare to think about too long.

  7. I'm sure any money and support is very welcome. We have a cruise ship docked near me for Ukrainian families to live on and probably other UK cities as well. Hopefully, they will get better air defense over there to avoid missile strikes on essential power and water supplies soon with winter almost upon us this year.

  8. It is so important to stand behind Ukraine now. This war is so terrible and so sad...
    Great work your sons do! I'm proud!
    Love from Titti

  9. A beam of light shines down from Jonathan's poetry and Nicholas's linocuts during this dark time for Ukraine. The woodcuts are striking and the words bring tears to my eyes. Fine men that we all can admire for their creativity and charity.

  10. Dear Rosemary - I do respect your sons who have been doing their best to stand with Ukraine. I'm so touched. Both of them are so creative and productive in composing poems or making linocuts. Their works set fire on my emotion.



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