Thursday 18 August 2011

Red Letter Day

It is an important day for two of our grandchildren.  The youngest  is starting her new school in Norway.  She spent her first years living in Paris and moved to Norway when she was 6.  She is fluent in French along with reading and writing.  She has been attending a French school in Norway for the past 3 years. Her parents have been advised that she will retain her French language now that she is 9, so today she starts in the British system to make sure that her English reading and writing are also up to scratch.
We have been on tender hooks all morning waiting for a telephone call from our beautiful 18 year old grand-daughter, but she has done it again with fantastic grades in her exams. This Autumn she is off to Oxford University, City of Dreaming Spires. 
So, we are hanging out the bunting and will have a celebration meal tonight.


  1. Hooray!!!! Congratulations to your accomplished grand daughter! Full steam ahead for the city of aquatint!
    Wonderful news, Rosemary.

  2. Thanks Kate, needless to say we are thrilled for her - I like the Evelyn Waugh quote from Brideshead Revisited.

  3. Hello Rosemary:
    What wonderful news of both your French speaking grand daughter and your grand daughter winning a place at Oxford. How thrilled you must be for them both.

  4. Hello Jane and Lance - It is good to hear from you. I spoke to the little one in Norway on Skype, and she is enjoying her new school. The eldest one was offered a place at Oxford last Christmas, but it is not in the bag until the exam results come out. Yes, we are absolutely delighted for her.

  5. Congratulations. Which college? Punting skills coming up! We were quite sad when our daughter left and there was no more pootling on the river.

    Love the twins and their mother. Quentin Blake had better watch out!

  6. Share my Garden - thanks for the congratulations, she is going to Keble College. We are pleased that she chose Oxford as it is convenient for us to visit.
    Yes the drawings do look like Quentin Blake, I had not noticed that before.


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