Tuesday 16 August 2011


Through my inexperience, I have lost the post and lovely comments  on Derbyshire.  I have no idea where it has gone!!!
I am trying to repeat, so please ignore if you have already seen it.  It will be different from before because I did it straight to the computer without notes or draft.
I have recently returned from my annual trip to my roots. Even as a young girl I knew that there were many wonderful houses in the  countryside. I can trace my love of art back to discovering Joseph Wright's paintings in our local Art Gallery. My horizons were limited as I did not travel abroad until I was 18 years old. However, whenever, I return, and we drive across the parkland to Chatsworth House it always takes my breath away. Is it any wonder that it is known as the Palace of the Peak?
So visit some architectural gems, walk in the lovely countryside, and pick up some Bakewell puddings for the freezer. Then make your way to David Mellor's workshop, small museum and shop full of his and other designer goods. Complete the day with some cake and tea in his café. Last, but not least visit Derby Art Gallery, and be stunned by Wright of Derby's painting The Philosopher giving a lecture on the Orrery.
Baroque Chatsworth House seat of the Duke of Devonshire
Jacobian Sudbury Hall home of the Vernon family
Neo-classical Kedleston Hall home of the Curzon family
Wright of Derby exhibited 1766
Derbyshire Peak District
Bakewell puddings wrapped up and ready for the freezer
David Mellor's workshop (1930 - 2009) one of the great British designers of the 20th century.
Post on David Mellor here


  1. What a simply delightful photo of you as a child - David Mellor's workshop cannot compete!

  2. Dear Rosemary - I lost the original post I did on Derbyshire and also the lovely comments. I was a bit new to blogger and obviously did something wrong.
    I have done a post on David Mellor for 2012 which I will be posting shortly, however, thanks for your kind comments on my childhood photo.


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