Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Antique Japanese doll

When H travelled around the globe for the UN he normally came home with a character doll from the countries he visited. 
We had a whole cabinet full but we did not have one from Japan. On a visit to Japan I asked him if he could find a doll, but for some reason he failed to get one. When he flew back to London he went to the UN office to drop off his papers before returning home. Passing an antique shop in Piccadilly he could hardly believe his eyes, in the middle of the window sat a beautiful Japanese doll. He dashed quickly in to the shop and bought her there and then.
She wears an exquisite Kimono
made of silks and brocade,
and an elaborate hat. 
I understand that she is from the Meiji Era, and about 100 years old.


  1. She is exquisite, Rosemary. Her face! Beautiful....and what a backstory. The Japanese princess of Picadilly.

    1. Yes Kate she is, and I do think her destiny was to reside with us.

  2. she is beautiful!
    her clothes
    but, wauw!
    that beautiful face

    1. Dear Patrice - she is in superb condition for her age, the colours in the fabric are as good as when she was made, and yes, she does have a beautiful face.


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