Monday 18 March 2013

A journey and a small gift

illustration by Jessie Willcox Smith via wikipedia
Like Alice and the White Rabbit I am about to disappear, not down a hole but
over mountains, rivers, forests, and sea
via wikipedia

via wikipedia
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H will click the generate button after Easter. You will be given a number that tallies with your comment i.e first comment No. 1 etc.
My gift is a large canvass tote bag - useful for shopping, crafts/art materials, an extra bag for holidays etc.
Closing date for comments is midnight GMT Easter Sunday the 31st March 2013 so you have plenty of time. 
As I mentioned I am disappearing until after Easter so no more comments or posts from me until then. 
You could be forgiven for thinking that the bag looks rather plain and unexciting. However, when unfolded it features one of the latest linocuts done by youngest son.
"Owl hunting by the light of the moon"
 image courtesy my son
Good Luck


  1. Hope you have a great time Rosemary. I'm looking forward already to your photo filled posts when you come back and to hear of your adventures abroad.

    That's a beautiful tote bag.

  2. Looks like you're off to great adventures again Rosemary!!! Well, I'll be painting my kitchen. Started that a while ago but since I do it all by myself in between other things, it takes quite some time.
    I'll be thinking of you and where you might be on the moment I'm busy with paint and brush.
    Have a wonderful time,

  3. Have a safe journey and a terrific Easter, Rosemary. That tote bag is lovely. I especially love the linocut. Great job.

  4. One can NEVER have too many eco shopping bags and this one is beautiful!
    Have a lovely time!

  5. Hello Rosemary, Have a great trip and enjoy all that spectacular scenery.

  6. Hi Rosemary,
    I hope you both have a wonderful holiday and I will look forward to hearing all about it on your return. As soon as I saw your lovely bag and thought it might be one of your son's designs.
    Sarah x

  7. Wishing you a wonderful holiday Rosemary..
    It's maybe 'Down to "La Mancha"
    then possibly "Seville" - Spain maybe.
    Your son's design looks great on the bag.
    looking forward to your return and reading about your trip.
    Val xx

  8. What a beautiful bag and have a nice holiday.


  9. Hope you have a great time Rosemary!Enjoy your hollidays!That's a beautiful tote bag!!Have a wonderful week!

  10. Have a great holiday Rosemary. Looks like you may be heading to Spain, as Val suggested. I think I recognise Toledo in one of your photos. Hope it is warm and sunny.
    Your son's design is beautiful.

  11. Have a lovely Easter. Enjoy your holiday will look forward to your return.
    Take care and have lots of fun which I am sure you will :)

  12. Hello Rosemary

    Have a wonderful time and I am very much looking forward to hearing all your stories upon your return. Meanwhile I wish you a very Happy Easter.

    Helen xx

  13. Looking forward to your posts when you get back. Meanwhile, have a lovely break away and have a very Happy Easter!

  14. Just from looking at those images, I am so looking forward to hearing about your adventures already. Bon Voyage Rosemary.

  15. Hello Rosemary, I also picked up it might be Spain - how wonderful! Have the best and most exciting time and I know you will take marvellous photos to show us. The tote bag is, in Australian parlance, a "Beauty", and a great giveaway. Fingers crossed. Wishing you and H a very happy and special Easter!

  16. Bon Voyage Rosemary. Have a wonderful time. We look forward to seeing pictures upon your return. ox, Gina

  17. Fascinating and this post intrigues me !
    I recognize Toledo but not the others destinations. Have fun and take care ! Happy Easter!

  18. I hope you have a wonderful trip. We will miss you but Easter isn't far away. Hope yours is great!

  19. Dear Rosemary, Your son's designs are stunning. I remember your earlier posting on his woodblocks, and I think it's wonderful that he's found such a handsome vehicle for them! Have an enjoyable vacation . . .

  20. A very special serie of pictures, my preference goes out to the mountains.


  21. Rosemary, have a very wonderful holiday. Will you go into withdrawal not posting..mmmmm...maybe ;-)

    Will miss your postings. Have fun, over the mountains, tilting at windmills.

  22. Dear Rosemary, my best wishes for a lovely trip and a wonderful Easter : )

    ps. this is a great gift! Thank you for the opportunity!

  23. Bon voyage and enjoy your hioliday, Rosemary. I look forward to some wonderful posts on your return.

  24. Hello Rosemary,
    Bon voyage and have a great holiday. Mountains and windmills are beautiful.
    Warm greetings from Hungary, Miklos

  25. What a beautiful design on the bag!
    Hope you have a wonderful trip. I look forward to hearing about your travels on your return ...
    M x

  26. Your son's work on linocut is really amazing. I've seen the other works in an ealier post. There's so must detail which needs full concentration and painstaking skills. Its good to disappear from the blogger world once in a while. ave a good vacation.

  27. Adios Rosemary - hope this vacation will be an awesome trip south. As for the gorgeous bag, your son did an amazing job, it's really lovely - please throw my name in the hat dear - I love owls....and the moon.....and would love to tuck it into my duffel for shopping on my next trip, a big one coming up in May!!!

    Stay safe and have fun time - look forward to hearing all about the places you see - photos too please!

    Hugs - Mary

  28. How nice of you to offer us the chance to have this beautiful gift (all the more valuable knowing it comes from your son.) Have a wonderful, restful trip!

  29. Have a wonderful trip, Rosemary! Look forward to enjoying your signature fabulous photos! And I'd love to win the tote bag.
    PS - Does youngest son have a website yet? I had asked previously. Let me know when you are back!

  30. Happy holiday, Rosemary! I have missed many of your posts and will catch up now! Your son is a talent (like his mum!) Christa

  31. Wishing you a very wonderful holiday, Rosemary! I hope it's just marvelous! And how generous of you to hold a giveaway. See you when you return!


  32. Hello Rosemary,
    what a beautiful photos and cards!
    Your blog is always friendly and with quality content.
    Congratulations and a big hug

  33. Safe and happy travels, Rosemary! I love the Alice illustration by JWS! I also love your son's linoprint on the tote!

  34. have a great trip...can't wait to hear about it. Giveaway is anything but plain. love it.

  35. Spring is one of the most lovely times to travel. I suppose you’re flying to Spain. I like your way how to inform of your trip. Wish you a wonderful weather. Have a nice trip, rosemary.


  36. Dear Rosemary ,
    I wish to you and your husband , the mountains, rivers and seas relax you and
    having a good time! The bag is beautiful and these photos too! Happy Easter!

  37. Hello Rosemary,
    I hope you have a wonderful holiday! Your raffle is such fun, and especially so given the wonderful print by your dear son-- a great talent, indeed.
    Warm regards,

  38. Hello Rosemary,
    41st, but not too late to win that beutiful tote. Looking forward to your return.


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