Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Taking a short break

H and I are off for a few days visiting the countryside of my childhood, but would just like to leave you with some photographs taken by our grandson. He spent the month of August on a World Challenge in Kenya and Tanzania, crossing the Great Rift Valley, climbing an extinct volcano, helping local people, trekking in the Loita Hills, and seeing some incredible sights.
The tall, beautiful Maasai tribes people making music
The Maasai warriors applauded Grandson's jumping ability. Jumping is competitive amongst the warriors. They form a circle and one or two at a time will enter the centre to begin jumping whilst maintaining a straight posture. They do not let their heels touch the ground. As they jump they chant, and raise the pitch of their voices based on the height of the jump. Jumping with a straight posture from your toes is extremely difficult to do - try it.
One of the Maasai warriors who taught him how to make fire.
What a treat my favourite animal - the Hippopotamus - Grandson was told that because their heads are so heavy they rest them on the ground or on each other when they are not eating or wallowing in a muddy water hole.
He was extremely fortunate to see a Wildebeest herd on their migration.
On arriving at the river crossings the Wildebeest spent hours stamping the ground, making mooing sounds heard for miles, and creating a very dusty atmosphere. It is as if they are building up their courage to make the deadly river crossing.  Eventually one or two lead the way down the bank into the river followed by all the herd surging in behind them. Inevitably, some, especially the young, sick and old, are drowned or trampled on. During the waiting period there is also a build up of other animals on the river bank, keenly alert, forever looking, watching patiently, for loss of life within the Wildebeest herd. The large Marabou storks with their featherless heads and necks stand like gruesome undertakers. Many scavenging vultures hop impatiently on both sides of the river bank waiting for victims and so do the wide gaping mouths of the crocodiles submerged within the river, and lying along its edge - it all resembles something from Dante's Inferno.
This was a once in a lifetime experience which he thoroughly enjoyed and gained so much benefit from. He is a very special grandson to us both, and I would like to thank him for giving me permission to share some of his wonderful photos with you, and also to thank him for the beautiful wooden carving he gave us from Africa. H and I will treasure it always♥


  1. What a fantastic and unforgettable experience for your grandson. Thank you for sharing the wonderful photos.
    Have a great trip away.

  2. Dear Rosemary,what a great post!!!Wonderful pictures of the African animals and culture !!!Your grandson has a big talent in photography!!!Hope you'll enjoy your holidays!!Thank you for sharing!Have a lovely week!!!

  3. Such incredible photos - thanks to your grandson for letting us see those. He clearly has inherited your photographic talents, as these are stunning photos. A wonderful experience for him!
    Enjoy your trip away....

  4. Wow! Amazing photographs! I loved looking at them ~ thank you (and him) so much for sharing. How incredible to have the opportunity to go there and see the amazing sights. What a truly unforgettable experience. Have a lovely time away.

  5. Your grandson's photos are great. Nature can be so cruel though.
    Have a wonderful trip!

  6. What an amazing experience your grandson has had, one to cherish. Thankyou so much to you both for sharing this experience with us with the fabulous photos. Enjoy your break.

  7. this for real, what a amazing photo's...we must go too the zoo..see this animals.
    I think this is a travel and experience off his life, thank you for sharing.
    Have a good trip Rosemary.

    Inge, my choice

  8. Thank you for posting such amazing photos. Enjoy your trip away.

  9. Enjoy your break, Rosemary, and please congratulate your grandson on his absolutely superb photos. This must have been a life-changing trip for him.

  10. That's a memorable experience for your Grandson. The photographs are amazing. Africa and seeing the animals and the Masaii are beautiful. Enjoy your break.

  11. Amazing images of Nature at its rawest. Congratulations to your grandson for taking the challenge, making contact with the Maasai and experiencing a life-changing time away. Please thank him for sharing through these wonderful photographs. Enjoy your break.

  12. Fantastic photographs by your talented grandson, Rosemary. I have never seen anything like that wildebeest herd at the river - quite amazing! The Masai pictures are quite wonderful, so very vivid and colourful. My brother is going to Africa tomorrow; I hope he sees some of these exciting sights too.
    Have an enjoyable break touring your childhood places.

  13. Dear Rosemary, Have a wonderful trip and please tell your grandson how much all of us are enjoying his excellent photography.

  14. Your grandson has experienced a life-changing experience while in Africa. It's something which happens to each of us fortunate to visit, meet the beautiful people, go on safari, and most incredible, see these magnificent animals in their true home. His photos are fabulous - especially of the migration (which I've not seen) - he has a great eye.
    All this is why I would return again to Africa if ever possible - I love it the most of any place I've been!

    Have a lovely trip to your countryside - beautiful too in its own way of course.
    Hugs - Mary

  15. Goodness, your grandson took some really sensational photos. Amazing! what a talented young man.

    Enjoy your blog break!

  16. Dear Rosemary,
    wonderful stunning pictures - I like especially the sepia-coloured ones, they have the quality of paintings.
    Cute idea to put a star or badge over the face of your grandson - I suffer under the stern verdict not to publish any (any!) photographs of beautiful son and ditto beautiful DiL - proud mother with a slight tendency to showing off suffers in silence... but right they are, of course. "The badge, Madge, the badge".)
    I wish you a beautiful holiday - at the end of next week I'll start a surprise holiday in a country you know well - though I will have no chance to jump high - wait till you see why :-)

  17. That was certainly a trip of a lifetime, and must surely have whet your grandson's appetite for more travel. His photographs are really good!
    Lucky you to be traveling to the countryside of your childhood. Will you go near Bakewell? Taddington? Haddon Hall? These places were high points in my holiday last year. Enjoy!

  18. Those are really wonderful photographs! What an adventure he must have had. I did not know that about Hippos either - it's a marvellous story. Hope that you enjoy your holiday away. Minerva x

  19. I would like to thank your grandson too for allow to share these wonderful pictures with us. The pictures of the herd crossing the river are incredible. I love hippos too,there is something so appealing about them. My daughter went to Nepal a few years ago did treking and also helped out in a village. It is so fantastic to have the opportunity to do something worthwhile like this. Hope you have a wonderful time away.
    Sarah x

  20. Your grandson took some beautiful photographs Rosemary! Enjoy your break!

    Madelief x

  21. Photos fit for National Geographic.
    Amazing, stunning photos your grandson has taken.
    Once been to Africa , it touches your soul.. The smell of the Bush... Those magnificent animals.
    A wonderful gesture of your grandson to let you show us all his photos...
    The Maasai are such an elegant pacific tribe.
    I am sure he will return Rosemary.. if not now one day!!!
    Thank you so much for sharing these photos.. I feel a little nostalgic...
    Have a wonderful time seeing your home county and areas..
    happy travels.
    val x

  22. Fabulous! So pleased to get a little glimpse of J's magical adventure. Thanks for sharing these. Nice to see you at Whittington Fete on Saturday, too.

  23. Dear Rosemary,

    Thanks to you and your grandson for sharing these great experiences. The Maasai wraps are beautiful!

  24. What an amazing experience for your grandson! He's very handy with a camera too. So good he was able to bring back such wonderful images to share of his time away.

    Enjoy our own travels - to less exotic places.....

  25. An incredible trip for the grandson and those pictures are just eerie (but very good photography indeed!) Enjoy your days in the country and I'm sure you'll make some lovely photos that will document your trip.

  26. Thank you both for sharing these photos! Just incredible and so spectacular!! Enjoy your time off, Rosemary.

  27. I am sure you will have a nice break.
    Marvelous photos, they wear such colourful clothes which is wonderful to see.
    Your grandson has composition correct on these set of photos.

  28. Hello Rosemary!

    The photos are absolutely incredible!Thank you for sharing them.

    Enjoy your break. I am sure you will come back with lots of lovely images and stories. Your grandon look lovely. Shame you put a big "plaster" on his face, though!

    Enjoy your holiday, Rosemary!



  29. Stunning photos! Thank you and your grandson for sharing. An experience he will never forget.
    Happy return to the countryside of your childhood. Hope you come back refreshed and with more great photos for our enjoyment.

  30. Amazing photos! I especially love all of the animals ones. Have a great break!

  31. Spectacular photos and some good notions , like I didn't know about the Hippopotamus's head being so heavy , wonderful colors and light, the Masai people is truly a beautiful one . Have a nice rest ! xx

  32. This was without a doubt an unforgettable once in a lifetime experience for your grandson. How amazing to actually see a Wildebeest migration in real life. Amazing pictures! Of all those animals in their natural surroundings.
    It is indeed not that easy to jump as a Masai, it's not just jumping, so great your grandson got to learn that from the Masai themselves. I once did an oral presentation about Tanzania long ago when I was still a student. Must be such an amazing country.
    You must be so proud of your grandson!
    Have a great trip!

  33. Amazing photos. Thank you to you and your grandson for sharing.

  34. Just amazing, I would like to go to Africa once.


  35. Love the image of the Hippos resting their heads on each other. So sweet!


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