Thursday 21 August 2014

Quiz Answer

The tomb stones seen lining the pathway were a big clue!
it is a lych gate but with a difference because....... 
it has a coffin gate  - the coffin is placed on the pivoting brackets at the top of the gate and then the gate is turned thus allowing the pall bearers to lift the coffin up and proceed to the church. They most likely rest the coffin on the gate to catch their breath as it is a steep climb from the road to the lych gate. There are several examples of pivoting gates leading to churches, particularly in the Sussex area, where they are known as a Tapsel gate. This is the only coffin gate that I am aware of with pivoting brackets on top
Correct answers in the order that they arrived
Celia Hart
Well done everyone


  1. I genuinely wondered if it was something to do with a lych gate, but dismissed it from my mind as I couldn't think how it could be related! This is an amazing piece of design isn't it and must indeed be very helpful to the coffin bearers to have a place to stop and rest. Just fascinating! xx

  2. So interesting, I learn a lot of blogging. A lych gate with a coffin gate to have a rest of carrying, I understand. it is so special that I won't forget.

  3. I've never (knowingly) seen a coffin gate before - fascinating - thank you!

  4. Well I never knew that, what a wonderful idea....

  5. All new to me; I don't think we have lych gates in the U.S. (at least not aware of them).But then so many of our cemeteries aren't enclosed with fences (at least they're not in rural areas, in general). Thanks for the info!

  6. Hello Rosemary, I had never heard the term Tapsel gate, or seen one that worked on this principle. I just looked this up in Wikipedia, which gives some history and also tells about the interesting Tapsel family.

  7. Ha! you learn something new everyday.
    Thank you Rosemary.
    Have a lovely weekend,

  8. Hello Rosemary
    Now I can breathe deeply. The suspense kept me awake. God know you gave us ample clues.
    One wonders who came up with the idea to create such a complex design. It seems like a lot of effort for a little sojourn for the pall bearers.
    Another great post
    Helen xx

  9. Dear Rosemary,

    Well, now it all makes perfect sense. I'm sure there were many pallbearers who were thnakful for that gate!

  10. How very interesting! I'd no idea and am glad to learn something new.

  11. What an interesting post Rosemary!
    I've just been catching up on your blog and have thoroughly enjoyed my virtual tour around the Hebrides. Your photos are stunning and cover a very comprehensive selection of views and landscapes.

    I so enjoyed my recent five weeks in your beautiful part of the world and was sorry I couldn't stay longer! sigh!

  12. Dear Rosemary,
    such an interesting find! Will tell my friend Anne: she is a fan of cemetry culture (I am not, but accompany her in our travels to England to them too - your cemetries are very different from the German ones, yours are soothing, accepting the course of life, embedded in nature).

  13. A coffin gate!! Well. I never....

    You always come up with the most interesting posts and great photos to match.

    Ms Soup

  14. Hi Rosemary, oh my goodness, I was first with the correct answer! I haven't knowingly seen a Coffin Gate but I bet I've walked past one without noticing!
    Have a lovely bank holiday weekend x

  15. Really lovely place ! and nice photos.

  16. Dear Friends - Glad that you enjoyed learning about the coffin gate.
    It is a long Bank Holiday weekend here and my youngest son and his family are staying so sorry if I do not get around to visiting your blogs.
    Last night we happily celebrated the grandchildren's exam results with a glass of champagne.

  17. Dear Rosemary, How amazing! Never even considered this answer. It only confirms my belief that if there is a need for something, someone will come up with a solution. Happy Holiday to you and yours. ox, Gina

  18. I would never have guessed this in a million years! I've signed up as a follower and am looking forward to more fascinating posts!

  19. Okay, I have learned something new today....clever.

  20. The church looks a bit like the one I saw in Painswick. Really pretty! Wishing you a happy weekend Rosemary!

    Madelief x

  21. It is a perfect gate.


  22. What a lovely weekend...I just love the pictures Rosemary, it´s always a pleasure to follow you around!
    Take care!

  23. Dearest Rosemary,
    Never have I heard or read about this... Quite interesting and from a practical stand point it makes sense.


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