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Lokum - Turkish Delight to you and me -  has its roots in a culture that is almost as old as Anatolian history itself
Lokum is slightly chewy, not particularly sweet, and has a subtle flavour. Both the taste and texture is far removed from the Turkish Delight sold in the UK 
Its name in Ottoman is 'Rahatü'l Holkum' meaning contentment of the throat, it has been made in the Anatolia region for over 15 centuries
During the 17th century the fame of Lokum spread throughout the Ottoman Empire and in the 18th century it arrived in Europe. Lokum usually has a secret ingredient known only to its maker
Many natural flavours are used in Lokum from rosewater to pomegranate, lemon to bergamot. Sometimes it is filled with nuts, pistachio, hazelnut, etc and can be coated with coconut flakes, sesame seeds or a light dusting of icing sugar

Is your mouth watering?
I shall be away from the computer for a few days. We are heading off to belatedly celebrate H's birthday from earlier this week 


  1. Very tempting as I love all those flavours and ingredients! Birthday greetings are sent to your husband and I wish you a good weekend.

  2. Hello Rosemary, A friend who had lived in Turkey before once brought some lokum back from a trip back there, so I can vouch for how delicious it is, as well as beautiful, and just as you describe.

    Happy birthday to your husband!

  3. Mmmm....that looked delicious...and the nice.
    Have a nice Weekend...and Happy Birthday to youre husband.

    Inge, my choice

  4. Nam nam .. these are sure to be delicious. I haven't seen before green swiss roll.
    Absolutic lovely photos.

  5. The lokum is a feast for the eyes as well as a delicious sweet, Rosemary. Happy Birthday to H, and have a lovely weekend.

  6. Hello Rosemary ,I have been away from the computer for a long time and today I see the most sweetest post !! I like this kind of sweet and time to time I buy . I wish to your husband Happy Birthday and you will all your life happy and in good health .

  7. Happy Birthday to your 'H' and have a wonderful time.
    How delicious and inviting are your photos, oh gosh, I wouldn't know where to begin!

  8. i'm sure they all taste YUMMY, but the colors!!!! Yowzee!!!!!
    Hope you have a happy birthday celebration!

  9. Ooooooooh Rosemary,
    You have whetted my apetite.
    I love Turkish delight.. but of the European made one.. Although my mother brought some back many years ago on a trip..
    I have to ask Miguel to bring some home for me, when he next lectures in Istanbul..
    What amazing photos of the much to choose from. I am sure you brought some home.!
    A very happy birthday to 'H'- have a wonderful time and celebrations..
    val xxx

  10. Oh dear! This look´s really nice and!
    Love your pictures!
    Have a happy weekend Rosemary, take care.

  11. Dear Rosemary,

    When I saw your first photograph as a sidebar icon, I was sure I was going to read about the wonders of Turkish glass — but this is much better! I'm just glad to view it on a full stomach! I would choose lemon or pomegranate without the coconut, but I would be tempted to try them all.

    A belated Happy Birthday to H from Mark!

  12. I'm not a big fan of Turkish Delight, tastes too perfumey to me. But our daughter fell in love with it when we were living in Turkey and periodically I have to get her some.

  13. Such a visual feast. I'm sure it would taste wonderful too.

    Jean x

  14. Dear Rosemary, lokum always looks so very delicious - but I have to confess (though I have a very sweet tooth) that it is too sweet for me.

  15. This does indeed look a completely different article to the UK version, I would certainly be tempted to give it a try.
    A belated Happy Birthday to H.

  16. I adore Turkish delight but I have never seen it looking like a swiss roll.

  17. Yes, your Turkish delights look so colourful and delicious. Our always travelling daughter once brought lokum for us from Turkey, I like it but I think it is a bit too sweet.

  18. I hope you have a lovely break. This Turkish delight is amazing! I have never seen anything like. As you say, so very different from the boxes of hard chewy stuff we get here with all that icing sugar going everywhere. I imagine that it tastes amazing too! xx

  19. I always learn something new here. Never heard of Lokum. Love the photo of the green ones. I bet they have an unusual taste.
    Have a great get away....and be sure and take pictures ...Janey

  20. Dear Rosemary, Unless it's chocolates I can not be tempted but love the photographs. Happy Birthday to H.

  21. Hello!
    I just wandered over here from Andamento's blog and was delighted to see your pictures from Turkey. I am in the U.S., but lived in Turkey for some years. It was wonderful to "revisit" the place through your blog!

  22. Is my mouth watering???? I'm going to have to mop the computer down - Rosemary, this is just too amazing and I'm going to have to hotfoot it to Anatolia right now. It may be rather shallow of me, but I think these are the most glorious photos I have EVER seen!
    Enjoy the birthday celebrations - do they include the eating of much lokum...?

  23. I'm almost licking my laptop screen :-) Looks very tempting! Hope you enjoy your little break away and the birthday celebrations....

  24. And all I have now are some dry figs ... I love the red lokum :) Happy Birthday for your husband, dear Rosemary !

  25. My mouth is watering, I remember your images of turkish delightfrom last year too! Wishing H a belated birthday hope you had a good time away celebrating. Sarah x

  26. How can your mouth not water looking at these Delights? Going back over your last few posts, Rosemary, where will you find room in your head to store all these wonderful, exotic places and memories?


  28. I was going to comment on your little break away post when I scrolled down to this post and was 'sucked' in! Gosh it is totally amazing, it's as much a feast for the eyes as the belly! x

  29. Now that looks like Turkish Delight I'd really enjoy, unlike our British version.

  30. I love turkish delight..great pictures, yes my mouth is watering.


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