Saturday 1 November 2014

Turkish Delight

Given the daily adventures we experienced in Turkey last year it became inevitable that we should want to return for more!!! 
Whirling Dervishes; Byzantine cave churches; clambering deep underground through several layers of an ancient Hittite City; marvelling at the extraordinary geological landscape that is Cappadocia; taking tea in the cosy rug clad home of a family who dwelt in a cave; travelling the ancient Silk Road across the Anatolian Plains, and admiring the many fine structures left behind by both Greeks and Romans. An added bonus was the lovely November weather.
  Now our travels will take us to a different corner of Turkey where we are hoping even more delights may be waiting for us!


  1. Enjoy your time there. Look forward to you photos upon your return.
    That Evil Eye/Devils Eye - I don't believe in that! I hear that they are rather superstitious in Turkey regarding that eye, along with a few other countries.
    All the best Rosemary.

  2. Have a great time and we will wait for beautiful photos.

  3. Wishing you and mr H a happy time again in Turkey.
    I think you are very brave, to be going at this time. Take care.
    A fascinating country that one day I would like to visit.. but in more peaceful times.
    looking forward to hearing all about it.
    happy weekend and good travels Rosemary.
    val x

    1. Fear not Val, but thanks for your concerns - we shall be nowhere near the troubles on the Syrian border. Our destination is over 600 miles away.

  4. Dear Rosemary, I remember your fabulous photographs of last year. Can't wait to see what you will bring back to us from this trip. I would love to go back to Turkey. It's been a long time but I do remember how fascinating are the sights and the people of Turkey.

  5. How splendid you will see more of that beautiful country……..and how fortunate for us you will share more fantastic photos Rosemary! Have a really great trip - hope the weather is kind. I loved my short visit to Turkey and hope to go again some year.

    Bon Voyage.
    Hugs - Mary

  6. Turkey is a very special place, we lived in Izmir for 2 years and loved it.

  7. The light in these images is out of this world, makes me want to travel there right now!
    Bon voyage,

  8. Dear Rosemary, enjoy your visit that will be beautiful, and come home safe - bringing back all those wonderful photos that you always delight us with!

  9. Exciting! I'd love to visit Turkey some day. Looking forward to your future posts and photos about your trip!

  10. Interesting...I have never been to Turkey, looks really beautiful from your pictures!
    Have a beautiful weekend Rosemary.

  11. Oh, just look at the colour of that sky. Have a great time!

  12. Turkish delight, so sweet..... Enjoy your time in Turkey, we are looking forward to your always so beautiful photos.

  13. Hello Rosemary

    Have a wonderful time in Turkey and I will look forward to seeing it through your lens.

    To a spectacular week


  14. Oh yes, I remember your trip and how much it has inspired me to want to go to Turkey Rosemary.
    Have a fabulous time, and I know you will bring back lots of super photos to share. Turkish delight - wonderful!

  15. Dear Rosemary,

    I hope you and H have a grand time, and I look forward to more photographs and adventure stories from Turkey!

  16. What a colourful set of photographs - have a great time and come back with tales to tell.

  17. Lovely umbrellas.
    Have a nice time in Turkey.

  18. I hope that you have a wonderful time, I will look forward to hearing all about it when you return. Travel safely. xx

  19. How absolutely thrilling! Turkey has always appealed to me enormously but, given the animosity borne by Greece whilst living there, I never dared set foot in the country! One day, I hope. In the meantime be sure to share lots of pictures with us all.


  20. Spectacular photos from an incredible country that I have yet to visit.

  21. So love those colourful umbrella's!
    Have a great time Rosemary!

  22. Oh my goodness!!!! Please keep taking pictures!! How fun : )

  23. Looking forward to hearing about your exciting travel adventures when you return.

  24. Amazing collage and third picture, would like to vist Cappadocia once.


  25. Wishing you and your husband a lovely holiday Rosemary! Looking forward to hear of your adventures!

    Madelief x

  26. In can't wait! The one's from your last trip are amazing!

  27. Gosh, is it a year already? I hope you're having a wonderful time, Rosemary.

  28. Hello, Rosemary! Turkey is so exotic and full of magical charms as the meeting place of east and west. I still remember your experiences in Turkey, especially Cappadocia was impressive. Look forward to hearing from you about what you were delighted with in Turkey.


  29. Exotic and colourful - enjoy every minute!

  30. Hello Rosemary,

    The colours and images are powerful, lively and cheerful. The umbrella shot is particularly appealing.
    Have a glorious time and looking forward to reading more

    Helen xxx

  31. Those photographs are just spectacular.


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