Friday 12 March 2021


From my point of view this quiz was not my most successful, you are all far too knowledgeable and knew the answer. Until I found these lying beneath a nutmeg tree, in a Spice Garden in..........

Sri Lanka.............

I personally had not realised that Mace was red and that it formed such a pretty lacey covering around the nutmeg. The Mace takes on its amber/brown colour when it is removed from the nutmeg and laid outside to dry in the sunshine for a couple of weeks.


Shown in the order that they arrived are those who answered correctly

1. MrsL was first so she is awarded a⭐

2. Jim @ Road to Parnassus

3. Cherie @ North Yorkshires Craft Guru

4. Mariette's Back to Basics

5. Anita @ Hiking in Norway

6. Lorrie @ Fabric, Paper, Thread

7. Pipistrello @ Flying with Hands

8. Bob @ Blue Sky Scotland, but he was naughty - only he and I know why. But rest assured it wont happen again Bob!!! 

9. Polly @ Olive & Pru

Well done to you all⭐


  1. Thankyou for my star - happy to share with the others :) Looking forward to the next one :)

  2. Well, I learned something new today! Congrats to all the smart people out there!

  3. OMG - I had no idea and yet I'm always grating nutmeg into and onto foods because I love it so.
    Had no idea that was how mace is harvested!

    I'm becoming useless at guessing games lately!!!!!

    1. . . . . . .and yes, I've even been to Sri Lanka - but they never took me to a spice garden I guess!!!

  4. Hello Rosemary, Well, it certainly is an exotic-looking spice, and you were very lucky to have encountered it in its native environment.

  5. Dearest Rosemary,
    Yes, just like you in Sri Lanka, we got to see it in Indonesia.

  6. It's such an interesting looking plant and I often wonder how people came up with the idea of drying the red covering for flavouring food, as well as using the nutmeg itself.

  7. Dear Rosemary,
    Your Quizzes are not easy but I love them.

  8. Looks like I missed a quiz...How interesting. I wouldn’t have had any idea what that was, but now, thanks to you, I do.


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