Tuesday 9 March 2021

Quick Quiz

Three separate lifesize items are shown here.

1, What are they?

2. In which country did I find them?

3. I spotted them lying together on the ground, but where was I? - e.g. was it in a park, on a beach, perhaps it was on a mountain side or none of these?

4. Each individual item yields two separate products. Both of which you probably use or will be familiar with.

I am switching on comments moderation - the answers will be posted on Friday.


I am happy, the sun is up, and I have secured an online booking for us to walk in a locally owned National Trust garden this morning.


  1. You have stumped with this one, Rosemary. I have no idea. Some kind of seeds, perhaps? I am grasping at straws though and they are definitely not straws!

  2. Your quizzes are always SO HARD, lol! I'm going to say they're some kind of nut, found in Africa maybe, and they are used both for nutmeat and oil.

  3. I'm so stuck on this one - you really like to challenge us Rosemary!
    Anyway I've spent 2 hrs. trying to find what they are - come up with nothing really. Do think they are a nut or fruit - have to be hard though to have kept perhaps a long while, so probably a nut or bean. Maybe from a plantation on a mountainside, or a tree in a park. Coffee bean, or nut "decorated by an artist!" haha! Southeast Asia location most likely.
    I've given up!

    Have fun on your outing today!
    Love, Mary

  4. Dear Rosemary,
    Because you have visited Turkey so many time me thinks that is where your mystery item comes from. Could it be some kind of chestnut?
    Looking forward to your photos from the National Trust Garden.


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